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CR Chart

CR Chart.
impudentsongbird / The Book of Joby.

"Basically just 'Gabe' at the moment. A bit of a conundrum - when Skulduggery first met him, he had a bad feeling right off the bat. Possibly because Gabe knocked him out of the chair by accident. Gabe claims not to be religious, but he believes in God and makes rosaries for fun. He's even convinced Skulduggery to start carrying one around with him. The initial bad feeling has faded, and despite knowing next to nothing about Gabe, Skulduggery finds the man easy to talk to. The potential for friendship is definitely there."
ryuuzaki / Death Note.

"They've only talked once, and it wasn't for very long. Right now there's a sort of professional respect, as they're both very good at what they do."
fallenbeanpole / The Lorax.

"The only time Skulduggery and the Once-ler have met, Skulduggery was suffering from the effects of getting attacked by a specific monster, so he coughed up a hairball and a bloody fingernail when he tried to eat his sandwich. Needless to say, they've put each other off food for a while. Other than that, Skulduggery recognizes the name 'Once-ler' from the Dr. Seuss story, and is interested in this fictional character fad that seems to be going around. It's also fascinating to watch a fully realized character who was previously nothing but a pair of skinny green arms."
overlimit / Tales of Vesperia.

"She's a lot like Valkyrie, actually - very self-assured and amusingly reluctant to admit when she might have gotten something wrong. The two of them are currently trying to get through the secret staircase in the library at night, but twice now they've been sidetracked by monster attacks. She's persistent, fortunately, and Skulduggery is hopeful that third time's the charm. Rita's also one of only two people who know that Skulduggery was a living skeleton. She isn't sure if she believes it, and she definitely isn't okay with it."
scarefaux / The Wizard of Oz.

"The Scarecrow is Skulduggery's roommate, and even though he doesn't technically look like a scarecrow right now, it would still take someone living under a rock not to recognize him from the movie. They've kind of bonded over the fact that neither of them had a brain, but now seem to have acquired one? They get along well, at least. In the midst of the whole monster plot, the thought of leaving Rita on her own was all that stopped Skulduggery from making sure the Scarecrow didn't transform and/or didn't hurt anyone else."
lighthearted / Kingdom Hearts.

"Sora can't be any older than fifteen, and he's essentially the leader of a well-known and successful group of individuals at Landel's who are constantly searching for a way to escape. Skulduggery's impressed, especially since when he first found out, Sora was suffering from the monster plot illness. Sora's story of transforming into a monster one night was familiar enough that Skulduggery was sympathetic and offered his help. He's a bright kid and Skulduggery would rather not see him get hurt."
tasteoftruth / Ace Attorney Investigations.

"Detective Badd was one of the first people to try and explain to Skulduggery how swallowing worked. The pair got along well on their first and only meeting, what with their similar careers and views. Unfortunately, Badd has disappeared since then: 'discharged,' according to Skulduggery's nurse."
she_is_ruin / Ga-Rei.

"A tad morbid. It's clear that she's been through a lot, and as she was the first person to explain the Institute to Skulduggery, he does feel an obligation to pay back the favor at some point. However, he doesn't see her around too often, and when he does, she never seems interested in talking. He's basically giving her the space she so clearly desires."

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