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IC Inbox

[This is the IC inbox for Skulduggery Pleasant at [community profile] tushanshu.]
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Following the path of orange soil toward the sunlit clouds, come to the red
embers lighting the sapphire tides. The violet ore feeds the roots of the
viridian trees. Breathe deep to find the pause within your core, and meditate
upon your needs in the appointed time and place so they may be real to you.
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July 3rd, or thereabouts; Audio;

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[There's a pause at the start of the recording]

Skulduggery? I may have... done something.
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Well... I don't know if you saw on the network. Anton's taken a turn for the worse.
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Pretty bad. He collapsed, nearly passed out. He's weak. Dizzy. According to Raine it's something to do with a condition he's had for years and neglected to tell us about.

Or neglected to tell me about, anyway.

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vague September date | Audio;

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So what's the plan?
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The one where there's some foreign country's forces on our turtle, mucking things up. That plan.
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[Looong pause.]

...right. Just thought I'd check. Good to know I haven't missed much.

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[On November 4th, Skul will have an envelope laying - gently - on the windshield of the Bentley. It contains this:]

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November 5 | Package

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((ooc: a continuation of this))

[There's a package waiting for Skulduggery at the Hotel front desk. It's nothing terribly fancy, just wrapped in brown paper and tied with string. Inside is a knitted scarf with reindeers on it (sorry, that was Klaus's idea) and matching socks. Wrapped inside the scarf is a very nice copy of A Room With a View.]
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[After the brief initial adjustment period that usually comes with conversations with Skulduggery (yes, they're talking again; no, they're not screaming at each other) Ravel snorts with a vague kind of amusement on the other end of the line.]

Figured that out all by yourself, did you? Congratulations.
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Actually it's a belated present to make up for the skeleton jokes--but it's good to know you weren't a November baby. I'll tick that one off the calendar. One of these days I'll figure it out--process of elimination and all that.

...what? No. Not that I'm aware of. Why?

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A kedan child will deliver a small package to Skulduggery sometime on Christmas day. Nestled inside is a small letter opener designed to look exactly like Revelations. There is a small note folded inside that reads: You can touch this one, no sword antibodies required, I promise.-Valdis
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audio; fourth-wall;

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[Once this thread gets a little further along, Anton calls Skulduggery, sounding grim.]

Skulduggery. You need to come back to the Hotel immediately.
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[There's a bit of background noise on Anton's end, too. Mostly, it's usual Hotel noise. Mostly. Some of it might sound a bit off.]

Ghastly's here.

[So, no, it can't wait.]
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Half an hour ago, perhaps. Erskine's here.

[Which might explain why Anton's voice is just a touch hoarser than usual. But amused, in a resigned sort of way, as he says the next:]

Did you just throw someone into a canal?


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