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Tracking Post

Night 63
Intro Post
-In which Skulduggery first wakes up and assumes he's stuck with the Faceless Ones.
-In which Skulduggery realizes he's actually alive, beating heart and all.
Meeting Yomi
-In which Yomi does her best to make it clear she doesn't want help, and Skulduggery stubbornly refuses to go away until they agree to go upstairs together. He learns a little more about where he is, and starts to realize the Faceless Ones might not have anything to do with this. He also hears the Head Doctor's voice for the first time in this intercom announcement.
Heading Upstairs
-In which Skulduggery decides he hates staircases, and then chooses to follow Yomi rather than find a mirror to check his own reflection. He also realizes for the first time that he might actually be afraid - not that he lets it slow him down.
Reaching the Sun Room Balcony
-In which Skulduggery realizes where Yomi's going, and recieves a further demonstration of how useless his ability to read the air has gotten.
Entering the Chapel
-In which Skulduggery is surprised to find a chapel, suspicious of the Faceless Ones all over again, and sees a demonic fountain spouting blood.

Nightshift ends with this on the intercom, and Skulduggery fades to black.

Day 64
1st Shift, Chapel
-In which Skulduggery is given a lot to think about by the morning announcement and a nurse, discovers that the chapel is different during the day, believes he might be crazy, and is then given even more to think about by Sora, including the fact that he isn't crazy. Skulduggery learns about the illness going around, the bulletin board, Jack Skellington, and possible tortourous experiments at night. He also discovers he has a headache and a strange feeling in his stomach.

When Skulduggery passes the bulletin board in the Sun Room, he can't resist showing off on a puzzle that catches his eye. He also tries to make sure that none of his friends got dragged here alongside him.

2nd Shift, Brunch
-In which food is announced and Skulduggery realizes that not only was the strange feeling from earlier hunger, but he's completely forgotten how to swallow. Detective Tyrell Badd is around to help him out, though. While Skulduggery masters drinking tea and eating egg (interrupted once by Doctor Cox storming into the cafeteria), Badd explains a little more about how the Institute works, and Skulduggery decides to go looking for Yomi.

3rd Shift, Free Choice Day (Patient Library)
-In which Skulduggery doesn't pay much attention to the intercom, avoids the film being played in the Sun Room, and tracks down Yomi. She's as enthusiastic as ever to see him, but he attempts to drag information out of her anyway, specifically about the way powers are limited in the Institute. He learns about her 'Death Stone' keeping her alive, and realizes that he'd be stupid to assume Landel doesn't know Skulduggery's past just as intimately, and won't use it against him.

4th Shift, Free Choice Day (Patient Library)
-In which Yomi leaves at the announcement and Skulduggery continues to look through books, but is interrupted by Rita Mordio. She's a different kind of mage. As the two talk, Skulduggery notices that the Oxford Book of English Verse sticks when he tries to pull it out, and he assumes it triggers something at night. He and Rita agree to team up and check it out - even after she's unamused by his teasing and stomps on his foot.

Dinner Shift
-In which dinner is served in their rooms, and Skulduggery meets his new roommate, the Scarecrow of Oz. Needless to say, he's a little confused.

The day ends on a cheerful note from Dr. Landel, but that abruptly changes to...

Night 64
... the second half of the announcement.

Leaving the Room
-In which Skulduggery, still slightly in shock over his roommate and the bizarre announcement, heads out.
-In which Skulduggery finds his reflection in a bathroom mirror for the first time.
More Traveling
-In which, despite the circumstances, he still finds his own thoughts amusing.
And More Traveling
-In which his revolver is gone and he starts thinking about possible hallucinations.
Arriving at the Sun Room
-In which Skulduggery's lungs deserve a stern lecture, Rita arrives, and he learns about the existence of healing magic inside the Institute.
Sun Room
-In which they're just trying to be as quiet as possible on their walk to the library, but instead get attacked by Kayako. After being hoisted high into the air by the hair she seems to control, Skulduggery manages to set his own shirt on fire and almost has his jaw dislocated - not to mention choking on the aforementioned hair and dead flesh. The bright side is that he has a better idea of how limited his powers are.

Unfortunately, the night ends before Skulduggery or Rita can get to the library.

Day 65
1st Shift, Breakfast
-In which Landel is overly cheerful and Skulduggery is glad to not have so much rotting flesh near him anymore. He and Rita track each other down in the cafeteria to agree on another attempt, and then to discuss mage stuff. Skulduggery ends up telling her he's a skeleton, and she doesn't believe him for a second.

2nd Shift, Showers
-In which Skulduggery manages to convince his nurse he doesn't need or want a shower, and that taking a shower would in fact be a very, very bad idea. He spends the shift in the Sun Room people-watching instead, and ends up talking with L.

3rd Shift, Lunch
-In which the shift change gives Skulduggery an excuse to escape the Sun Room and the death-rattle noise he's started to hallucinate, and head into the Music Room. He and the Once-ler, being the only ones there, strike up a conversation. Skulduggery tries, once again, to have a proper meal; this time, he coughs up a hairball and picks a bloody fingernail out of his teeth. The sight puts both him and the Once-ler off food for life.

4th Shift, Arts and Crafts
-In which Skulduggery doesn't know what to do with the glitter apart from stare at it, and ends up a person of interest to a certain Archangel called Gabe. They end up making rosaries together, and Gabe gives Skulduggery one of them as a gift. Skulduggery isn't quite sure what to do with it.

[Gabe puts all the rosaries they made up onto the bulletin board before dinner, and Skulduggery asks, once again, whether Gabe is religious or not.]

Dinner Shift
-In which Skulduggery asks his nurse about discharged patients, finds out that Detective Badd is one of them, and refuses to eat dinner once again.

[The day ends with a mixed message from Dr. Landel, which gives way into...]

Night 65
[... Nightshift.]

Leaving His Room
-In which Skulduggery finds out that hallucinations and hair in food isn't all he has to look forward to.
-In which Skulduggery gets used to the fact that flashlights don't flicker.
Traveling While Thinking
-In which realizations are had and Skulduggery makes a choice.
Getting Closer Now
-In which all the people around means there can't possibly be anything dangerous in the hallways. That would be silly.
Outside The Sun Room
-In which Skulduggery meets up with Rita, who is looking much better and now has a cat-shaped backpack.
Inside The Sun Room
-In which Skulduggery begins hallucinating the death-rattle again, causing him to become just a little bit paranoid. When Rita can hear it too, they both charge into the library.
The Library
-In which, safe for the moment, they start searching for the sticking book.